What is Custom Hearing Protection?

Most of us are familiar with the foam earplugs that are available at any drugstore, such as those ubiquitous orange Wal-Green’s nubbins:


When inserted correctly, these (and the wax ones, too) definitely attenuate sound, thus making it safer for us to expose ourselves to loud volume levels. The wax ones can also be used to keep water out of the ear. But the more comfortable and more effective option is custom hearing protection. Earplugs can be custom made to fit the shape of any ear. Even more exciting, their color/glitter/marble/initial combinations are endless, which beats plain orange any day!

Here’s an introduction to some of the different types and styles of custom ear plugs offered by Westone Labs, our preferred custom ear mold maker:

Concert: These earplugs contain special filters which reduce loudness yet maintain clarity. Because these earplugs don't muffle music, they are ideal for concert-goers, DJs, and musicians. They are also great for bartenders, club workers, choral and band members, dental workers, salon stylists, and sporting event attendees. 

Hunters: Two main types, passive and digital, provide protection against dangerous, high-level impulse sounds like gunshots. The digital pieces also enhance low-level sounds for environmental awareness.

Industrial: These ear plugs provide varying levels of attenuation (noise reduction ratings, or NRR) for workers who are exposed to wide ranges of noise. Great for those in the construction and architect industry, aircraft workers, and emergency vehicle drivers.

Motorsport: These comfortable, low-profile pieces fit under a helmet and are designed to reduce wind noise. For those motorcyclists riding for extended amounts of time, we recommend the industrial style to better protect from noise. 

Sleep: These soft pieces hush those zzz’s so you can get your own zzz's!

Surfer: The very cold water in our part of the Pacific can cause bony growths to sprout in the ear canal! Surfer's earplugs provide protection from very cold water AND very cold wind, so they are also good for snowboarders. They feature a filter that allows for communication.

Swimmer: Like the surfer style, these earplugs create a seal to keep water out of the ear canal. Great for those with a history of middle ear surgery or pressure equalization tubes. Not just for swimming, but for all water activities including showering.

Now it's your turn! Contact us for a hearing protection consult and mention this blog post for 10% off any custom hearing protection product!