Hear the Conversation. Join the Party!

We are hosting another Phonak hearing technology party, and you are invited! We'll be celebrating all day tomorrow, Thursday, 3/26, and Friday, 3/27. 

During the technology party, you will receive:

  • A free hearing screening
  • A free Venture technology demonstration
  • Education about your hearing health

Thanks to its automatic capabilities, Phonak Audéo V hearing instruments deliver unmatched sound quality with minimal interaction. Phonak Audéo V will also recognize and immediately eliminate annoying whistling sounds known as feedback. The less you fiddle with them and the better the sound performance, the more easily you will forget that you are wearing hearing instruments, building the confidence to be yourself.

If you or a loved one can join, please call us at 415-580-7604 or email us at info@soundshc.com.