Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Custom Hearing Protection you say?!

As Better Speech and Hearing Month nears it end here at Sound, we continue to celebrate communication all year round by fitting our patients with Custom Hearing Protection products provided by Westone Labs

It's no surprise that our world is filled with nonstop sound from everyday chores like running the lawn mower to listening to music with earphones to drown out other noises. How about our household appliances such as blenders or hair dryers? If your nodding along at this point, this post is for you! We encourage you to learn more about custom hearing protection and how it can benefit you. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 70% of people exposed to loud noise seldom wear hearing protection. The effect of loud noises can last long after the actual event takes place says Alan Wagmeister of the Entheos Audiology Cooperative in a recent article published by EIN News called Don't Take Your Hearing for Granted. 

So how can you protect your hearing? We thought you'd never ask! You might think there is not much you can do to drown out other noises, that it just might be out of your control. Start by taking precautions. Turn down the T.V and give your ears a break from loud areas or noises. If you like music as much as the next Spotify user does, consider noise-cancelling headphones instead of in-ear-buds. 

The process for creating custom fit hearing protection is fun and easy. There are so many options for hearing protection - styles, colors, noise reduction ratings, and costs. During your 30 minute hearing protection consult, we screen your hearing so you know your hearing status and have a baseline for the future. We discuss your needs, the types of environments you are in, and what you hope to gain from hearing protection. We then find the best solution for you!

We use a soft silicone material to take an impression of your ear canals, and you select the colors and options (i.e., finish, glitter, initials). It takes 1-2 weeks for your order to arrive, at which point we see you again for a 15-minute appointment to confirm an excellent fit and go over proper use. All custom orders include a 90-day warranty to ensure your satisfaction. 

Call us today at 415-580-7604 or visit our Contact page to schedule your consultation today!