Ask a Speech Therapist! What is happening with my late talker?

Through the power that is social media, we’ve gathered all of our most asked questions from providers, parents, teachers, and all other professionals and put our speech therapist, Nicole, to work. We’ll feature a question each week this month to help answer some of your hard hitting speech and language questions!

Q: I didn’t talk until I was 4 and I turned out okay, doesn’t that mean my kid will be fine?

So much development happens in those early years, it really is astounding. We have developmental milestones for a reason though. It is true, some children are delayed and end up catching up to their peers, while some continue to be behind struggling to communicate. It’s important to remember the integral role effective communication plays in building peer to peer relationships and reducing frustrated behaviors that can occur when a child is unable to communicate their wants and needs effectively. In short, yes you may not have spoken until 4 years old, but we don’t want to see that pattern repeated. Early Intervention is paramount! Feel free to contact us for a free screening or come in for an evaluation of your little one’s speech and language development.

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