Come Ear Often? Loud Spin Class Music Could Pose Hearing-Loss Risk

Your heart rate may not be the only thing that increases during a spin class- your risk of noise-induced hearing loss could also rise as a result of loud, thumping Beyonce songs played to motivate and entertain riders.

A recent case study conducted by the Massachusetts Ear and Eye Infirmary found that the average noise exposure in a 45 minute cycling class was nearly nine times the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health's (NIOSH) recommendations for an eight hour workday with over 117dBA in a single cycle class! The study notes that Instructors and devoted members of cycle studios are at the highest risk of hearing loss and says that smartphone and tablet applications may help users self monitor risk and engage in noise hearing protection measures.

We absolutely agree that hearing 15 minutes of 'Love on Top' at 117dBA would make anyone's ears scream for help! Melissa, our Audiologist recommends Westone TRU custom hearing protection as a safe alternative to regular ear plugs one would find in their local store. Westone TRU custom ear plugs come in a wide variety of custom hearing protection to chose from like sleep plugs, concert plugs, motorsport and surfer plugs to name a few. 

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