Poor sound discrimination.

Some people with CAPD have difficulty picking apart sounds in similar words, such as “tack” and “back.” This can affect speaking, reading and spelling.


Inability to remember spoken information.

When you have a hard time understanding information, it is more difficult to commit it to memory. This can affect ability to do math and follow directions.


Difficulty with reading.

Sometimes CAPD is diagnosed as dyslexia or other learning disorders due to difficulty with reading comprehension.


Language problems.

Difficulties in language processing is often a co-occurring disorder. Those affected by CAPD often have slow processing of thoughts, and mis-interpret puns, jokes and figurative language.  


Trouble following conversation in noisy environments.

CAPD can often times be confused with hearing loss of attention deficits due to trouble understanding in background noise. People with CAPD can be easily distracted by background sounds/noise.

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