Sound believes in a comprehensive communication assessment. We listen to your concerns and identify your overall communication needs. We use a combination of objective and subjective tests to fully assess your hearing. In completing your audiogram, we measure how well you hear a range of specific pitches that represent the sounds of speech. We also assess how well you hear and understand words and sentences in quiet and in background noise. Components of an evaluation can include:

  • Medical history/interview
  • Physical examination of the outer ear and the ear canal (otoscopy)
  • Behavioral assessment (pure tone audiometry and speech audiometry)
  • Extended high-frequency audiometry
  • Middle ear measurements (tympanometry and acoustic reflexes)
  • Inner ear measurements (otoacoustic emissions)



In creating a treatment plan, our main goal is to meet your communication needs. Your needs are unique, and Sound strives to give you the tools to excel. Our treatment consults are fun and interactive - we use hearing loss simulations to apply your test results to real-world situations, and we encourage you to try out the latest in hearing technologies. Components of our treatment plans include:

  • Hearing instruments (hearing aids) and technology
  • Assistive listening devices and FM systems
  • Hearing protection
  • Adjustment and informational counseling
  • Communication strategies
  • Auditory training and listening exercises
  • Educational and workplace advocacy
  • Specialist referrals