Adult Hearing Aids

Embracing hearing aid technology is a major component of improving your communication and your quality of life. Hearing aids are smarter, faster, and cooler than ever. The options for size, style, and functionality are endless. Our Doctors of Audiology will assist you by matching your needs to the best hearing aids


Lyric is the world's first "invisible," extended-wear hearing device that lasts for months without replacement.* It sits close to the eardrum and uses your outer ear to give you clear, natural sound. Lyric can be worn overnight, while exercising, and even in the shower.** Find out if Lyric is right for you with a consult at Sound!


Today you can use your hearing aids to wirelessly connect to cellphones, computers, personal music players, televisions, GPS systems, gaming devices, etc., essentially turning your hearing aids into a hands-free headset or wireless headphones. This capability is called connectivity, and it turns your ears – via your hearing aids – into lean, mean, hearing machines!


Pediatric Hearing Aids

Your child’s speech and language development and academic success is directly impacted by what they hear or don’t hear. Therefore, it is crucial that your child’s hearing aids be fit and maintained by a pediatric audiologist. Our Doctors of Audiology have extensive experience working with infants, toddlers, school-aged children, and teenagers. We believe that hearing aid technology is a gift and that using it is fun! We encourage families to use this approach and allow children to express their individuality by selecting hearing aid colors and accessories. We feature pediatric hearing aids by Oticon and Phonak.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)/FM Systems

The goal of ALDs and FM systems is to cut down background noise and amplify the desired signal, be it a date in a busy restaurant, a teacher in a noisy classroom, or a colleague at a group business meeting. There are many different technologies used in a variety of devices on the market today, for both hearing aid users and non-hearing aid users. As we do with hearing aids and connectivity, our ALD/FM system consults focus on your needs and how to best connect you to a world of sound!