Buying children's headphones for the holidays? What you should know!

Preparing for the holiday season, retailers are stocking up on the newest brands of headphones. Many brands are claiming to be 'safe for kids' or providing '100 percent safe listening'. An article this morning in The New York Times discusses a recent analysis by The Wirecutter looking deeper into the claims of many of these new headphone brands. The Wirecutter tested 30 volume-limiting headphones and talked to experts at the WHO and CDC. They found that many of the headphones being advertised as safe, produced sound so loud that it could be hazardous to ears in minutes. The Wirecutter found the Puro BT2200 to be the best option in terms of safe listening. Our audiologist Dr. Melissa Wilson recommends these children's headphones, and using promo code: SOUND, to get a 10% discount at checkout! If your buying children's headphones this holiday season, make sure you consider safe products like Puro Kids.