What should my child's language look like by 2 years old?

At 2 years old, your child's foray into language should be well along it's way.
The following skills should have emerged by this point:

Receptive language milestones:

  • understanding the meaning of action words (e.g. clap, sit, drink, eat)
  • following a 2-step related command (e.g. get the book and bring it to daddy)
  • understanding new words quickly
  • identifying at least four body parts and clothing items on themselves

Expressive language milestones:

  • using two-word phrases frequently
  • using new words regularly
  • using pronouns (e.g. mine, my)
  • using at least 50 different words
*When researching developmental milestones for your child's language development, it's important to keep in mind that ages of expected development are for children who are typically developing. Many children with speech or language delay or disabilities show atypical development and don't always follow the same sequence. Visual, hearing, and/or motor impairments all play a role in language development.